Zeelandia is a 6.7 acre private nature refuge on the north end of Roseland Lake, in Woodstock CT. Read more.

  • Zeelandia: View of the parcel from Roseland Lake
  • Zeelandia: Map showing the Zeelandia parcel
  • Zeelandia: Patrick exploring in his pith helmet
  • Zeelandia: Several empty turtle shells were found on the point
  • Zeelandia: Mucky algae by the shore
  • Zeelandia: Ground nut
  • Zeelandia: Buttonbush is a good source of food for wildlife
  • Zeelandia: Frog: iether a Northern Leopard or Pickerel
  • Zeelandia: Green Frog, Rana clamitans
  • Zeelandia: Wildflower that needs ID
  • Zeelandia: Deer track in the muck
  • Zeelandia: Purple loosestrife trying to get a stranglehold.  Flower heads were removed.
  • Zeelandia: Swamp Loosestrife - a native plant not to be confused with the invasive alien Purple Loosestrife
  • Zeelandia: Southern Arrowood
  • Zeelandia: An orb weaver spider
  • Zeelandia: Trailblazing
  • Zeelandia: A drier area of the parcel with some young birch in the background
  • Zeelandia: Ground nut
  • Zeelandia: The shoreline.  Patches of invasive phragmites were sprayed by the CT DEEP about a month after this photo was taken
  • Zeelandia: Wild grapes provide food for wild life
  • Zeelandia: Forget-me-not is growing in Muddy Brook. Some species of forget-me-not are invasive: Myosotis scorpoides or True forget-me-not/Water scorpion-grass is banned in CT.
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